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Camtinerary is a trip planning app for iOS that throws in these unique features:

  • Library of itineraries created by other travelers. Be surprised by the unusual combinations of hotels, restaurants, and random sites.

“I had lunch under this tree where suddenly I found myself in a place that perfectly captures the sounds, the smells, the sites, and the solitude of this magical city.”

Anonymous traveler
  • Display of the travel time, either by foot or by car, between each of the destinations on your itinerary, listed chronologically or by how near they are to your current location.
  • The ability to send useful web links directly from your browser to destinations in your itinerary.
  • Press and hold map feature that drops pins on any location. You can do this with the assurance of privacy, since Camtinerary never asks for a sign in, your email address or any personal information.
  • Complete control over the uploading of itineraries. No data is automatically gathered whatsoever.

Backyard Hidden Gems

Backyard Hidden Gems

This website displays a map that marks local spots that you probably don’t know about or simply don’t fully appreciate. Currently for the Charleston SC area, new cities will be added.

The content is unique by definition.


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