New Dimensions in Travel Planning

Camtinerary adds new dimensions to travel planning by showing you more per screen than any other travel app. For example, searching for a hotel shows you a listing not just from one source, but from several such as Expedia, Yelp and Foursquare with the highest rated at the top.

Watch the video tutorial and see for yourself!

Below are some truly unique features that make these dimensions crystal clear.

Everybody’s a Travel Agent


Browse and download detailed itineraries created by travelers the world over. Camtinerary downloads a copy of the trip you select so you can use it as a basis for your own. Think of it as your own customizable tour guide! If you’re proud of your creation, upload it to the Cloud Library to share it with other Camtinerary users.

Everybody’s got an Opinion

Rich Content

Camtinerary provides search results from sources like Yelp, Foursquare, Expedia, Tomato, and Michelib so you can compare reviews and see the highest rated together at the top of the search result list.

Walk or Drive?

Travel Time

Your itinerary shows the time it takes by car or by foot to get from place to place.

Depends on the Weather


As long as today is within 7 days of your trip, the weather forecast will appear and later for each day in your itinerary. Weather shows the conditions for every 3 hours. Within 16 days of your trip, you will see one condition indicator for the entire day.

Flag Wavers


The pins for search results and places in your itinerary are tagged with the name of the business so you don’t have to waste time tapping or looking up a number to cross reference. If a name is blocked, just pinch to zoom or rotate.

Wide Angle


Instead of showing you just photos from members or from a hotel website, Camtinerary performs an image search of the entire web using the name and city as the search criteria. The result is a much wider range of photos than you would normally get, albeit somewhat un-curated! Street View shows you photos of the north, east, south and west exposures at the location using the Google service.

Getting Around

Directions Transit

Swipe any place in your itinerary to the left, tap “More” and tap “Directions & Transit” and get this information using native Apple Maps or your preferred transit app such as Google Maps, Waze, CityMapper, The Transit App, Navigon or Yandex.

Tweets with Attitude

Twitter Analytics

Use a 3D Touch on iPhone 6s or a long touch on everything else, then swipe up and tap “Read Tweets.” Tweets that involve the place are grouped by sentiment: positive, negative, neutral and ambivalent using IBM’s Insight for Twitter.

Privacy is the best Policy


Camtinerary does not require or even ask you to login, it does not track your search history and does not ask for your email address or any other personal information. When uploading your itineraries, enter a username that is unique to Camtinerary and cannot be traced to your identity. Your privacy is our top priority.

Get Obsessed


Camtinerary is available for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and soon for Apple TV!